Documents provided by the Client for financial planning expertise

1    Foundation documents
1.1    Excerpt from the company register concerning the registration of the business
1.2    Licenses and permissions required for operating in the given domain.

2    Documents of the business
2.1    Internal organizational structure, outline of the business
2.2    CV of the top-level officials of the businesses – education, previous experience
2.3    List of owners, partnership percentage
2.4    Short description of previous activity of the business
2.5    Active rental contracts

3    Accounting documents
3.1    Balance sheet, previous 2 years
3.2    Profit statement, past 2 years (diagram 2)
3.3    Turnover statements of the past 6 months
3.4    Proof of absence of accured taxes from the tax office
3.5    Auditor’s decision concerning the economic report
3.6    Affirmation of existing bank accounts
3.7    Information concerning loans (short and long term liabilities)
3.8    Signed lease agreements (capital and/or operating lease contracts)
3.9    Residual values in the balance of buildings and equipment
3.10  Depreciation rates in accounting records

4    Warrants
4.1    Register of real estate
4.2    Valuation Report from a real estate bureau

5    Bails / guarantees
5.1    Registration certificate of bailer / guarantee
5.2    Founding charter with all the corrections and additions of the bailer / guarantee
5.3    Written decision of the bailer / guarantee for the right to sign
5.4    Balance and profit statement of the bailer / guarantee (diagram 2)

6    Documents concerning the product / service
6.1    Existing raw materials supply contracts
6.2    Existing delivery and sales contracts for end products
6.3    Required standards, certificates, licenses and production authorizations
6.4    Descriptions of items of expenditures related to the product / service
6.5    Calculations of net costs of the product / service (if performed)
6.6    Seasonality description of the product / service
6.7    Number of major executives, descriptions of offices, total wagebill
6.8    Required workforce for the manufacturing of the product or providing the services
6.9    Blueprints of the buildings and diagram of the plot